Amenities for kids & family

Amenities for family

Kid'Hôtel products

Kid’Hôtel selects with the greatest care creative and qualitative objects and products fto welcome children and families in your establishment: from organic or sponge textiles, to umbrellas, plush toys and colouring books.
They are tailor-made or personalised to your image to please parents & children

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Tous nos produits

Special manufacturing

Special manufacturing of products and hospitality gifts for Kids and their families:
Plush toys, games and colouring booklets, cotton bags, flip flops, stationery…..

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Accès Fabrication spéciale
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Our value proposition

Increased knowledge of your business and your level of excellence

Tailor-made work that respects your identity

Creative communication by specialists in children’s illustration

Nos réalisations

Kid'Hôtel 100% creation

Making cook’s hats in your colours

Creation of a game of 7 families in your image, a game of Memory, a travel booklet, game booklet & coloring…

Creating a mascot: your universe inspires us! Let’s build it together and benefit from our know-how!

Fabrication spéciale

Nous œuvrons également pour les hôtels qui veulent développer leur clientèle, la fidéliser en offrant des objets promotionnels personnalisables

Specialist in welcome products and communication objects for the reception of children and families in hotels, campsites and restaurants. Enjoy your visit!

Do not hesitate to contact us to refine your project or request a quote: or by phone: 02 97 61 23 64.

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Kid’Hôtel, a partner of Imexho, a specialist in hospitality products for the hotel industry: a wide range from slippers to branded umbrellas.


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